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Lanmark360 is your surround sound, full-circle strategic marketing partner. We work as part of your internal team, and when this alliance combines with our passion, planning and creativity, our ability to sway the decision-making process is unstoppable.


  • What We Do - Creative


    There’s no product, service or company too small for an amazing big idea. We explore concepts and push boundaries to distill entirely new and effective solutions.

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  • What We Do - Communications


    We use traditional public relations methods as well as social media tools to engage with your target audience wherever, and whenever they are communicating.

  • What We Do - Media


    Armed with extensive knowledge, we tailor media strategy plans to your specific objectives. Long-standing relationships give us the advantage in negotiating and enhancing your message.

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  • What We Do - Research

    Marketing / Research

    We produce actionable data to drive the right message to the right audience. Our proprietary Marketing Automation system, Demand360 is the driving force that ensures the information is transformed into measurable results for our clients.

  • What We Do - Production


    From initial concept development to finalized form, we do it all in-house, ensuring your precise specifications and exacting standards are met from start to finish.

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  • What We Do - Digital


    The vanguard of marketing, our omni-channel strategy unites every medium, communication method and platform (from paid, owned and earned) to get your brand story to customers.

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