The urban dictionary refers to a lifehack as: A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.
So, here are some “lifehacks” that make this medical marketer’s life much easier and add precious time to my daily routine…either for more work or some simple pleasures.

1. Scan/Delete – Get an efficient email routine in place and stick to it. During the sleep hours (there seem to be fewer and fewer of those for us all) our email inboxes get filled up. First thing in the morning, while I am brushing my teeth, I scan my inbox and delete the junk or attempt to respond to my global clients who are working varied hours throughout the day. The benefit is that I brush my teeth for at least the ADA recommended 2 minutes and I can get into my car or onto a plane knowing that there are no fires that have to be put out. It removes stress from the morning commute.

2. Check your “go-to” sites – Being topical adds to your brand perception. Having knowledge of what is going on in the world and the business world puts you above the rest. Most people don’t take the time (5 minutes minimum) to start their day off with news. I recently was speaking with a vendor who was completely unaware that a MAJOR corporate merger had taken place three days prior. My opinion of that vendor was, “Doesn’t she even know what is going on in our industry; will she know what is going on with my business?”

Here are MY go-to sites which I check every morning:

• – I do a quick read of the left navigation sidebar for current and breaking world topics.

• – I am NOT a huge professional sports fan! Many of my clients and colleagues are. At a minimum, know who is playing or who has won a game. I don’t get into too much detail, but at least I can partake in conversations about America’s pastimes.

• – EASY TO DIGEST and extremely current.

• – For years this has been my industry go-to site – they seem to get NEWS before anyone else – especially with smaller/orphan disease states. Knowledge is power and most of my clients appear there at least once a week.

• – A great place to see what the industry is communicating to healthcare professionals and patients alike. This is always brain fodder for me, which ignites my idea engines.

3. If you can’t read…listen – I would love to have more hours in the day to read. You could put me on an island with 1,000,000 books and I would be thrilled. But, some of my closest colleagues despise reading. So, there is

Listen to books! Put your hands-free cell phone on mute during your morning commute. Treat yourself to the education which reading brings. Get the latest NY Times best business seller. Listen for pleasure. Digest information! Remember, knowledge is power.

4. Set Google Alerts – if you don’t know what a Google Alert is – FIND OUT. Set up no more than FIVE (5) words or phrases that are specific to your arena of business. The results, if there are any, will appear in your email, which you can always, Scan/Delete while you are brushing your teeth!

5. Know the Competition – read up (online) about your customers’ competition – or better yet, set up a Google Alert. If there is relevant news that you think your client might like, send the link. Don’t assume your client has all the latest and greatest information. If there is something unique or new that you think is important – send it along. It does wonders for your personal and business brand. Just send the important stuff though, do not fill your clients’ emails with “stuff” that could affect your brand in a negative way; think mosquito!