There’s a newfound pressure on healthcare marketing professionals to develop content (in the form of white papers, eBooks, instructional guides, blog posts, articles, social posts, the list goes on…) on a consistent basis. By consistent, we’re talking weekly and maybe even daily in some circumstances. And, no added pressure or anything, but the content you’re producing better be interesting, educational and highly anticipated by your target audience.

In this “content marketing” environment, where do you even begin? We’ve compiled a short list of tips that’ll help you get your feet off the ground and get publishing.

1) Show, Don’t Just Tell
When writing content, so many of us focus on conveying how amazing our products are. But rather than focusing on why your product is so great, why not show your readers? Well-crafted, firsthand case studies, testimonials and success stories are a great way to establish credibility to back your claims and support the success of your product.

2) Reimagine Your Content
Writing brand new content isn’t always feasible. It takes time and money. If you already have a nice piece of existing content, why not find ways to repurpose it? Items such as white papers and case studies can easily be repurposed into social posts and blog articles. You simply have to find a different way to spin the existing content. With a new angle, content can be revitalized, expanding that piece’s reach and sparking new interest in potential customers.

3) Use All Your Resources
Internal assets can be useful tools, but don’t forget about the availability of outside sources. Third party websites, news sources and blogs can help spark interesting ideas for new content. A quick blog post could mean sharing an interesting article and providing your personal opinion on the subject. It could be that simple.

4) Speak to Your Audience
People will only read content that they feel is relevant to them, so make sure your language connects with your target audience. We are all human, not computers. People want to be spoken to in a voice they can understand, not search engine language. Lose the complicated wording and the confusing tech terms and talk to your audience directly and clearly.

5) Scratch an Itch
Instead of staring at a blank piece of paper and wondering what topics might be of value for your target audience, visit niche web forums and groups on social media to see what people are actually talking about and which specific questions arise. With a little research, you can proactively answer their questions (through the content you publish) and position yourself or company as a resource.

The present need for ongoing content generation is making new waves in the way we market products and services. Though the process can be challenging, being able to self-publish materials such as blog posts or white papers provides the opportunity to impact a target audience in new ways.

With most marketers  participating in the “content marketing revolution” today,  make your published content stand out in a crowded space by following these simple rules.