The common fault of the healthcare marketer today is underutilizing the abundance of resources that are available across the internet. We are constantly searching for tools to help us do our jobs more efficiently and help escalate the brands we work with to the next level. Whether you are rebranding, blogging, posting on social media or increasing web traffic with SEO, here are five great resources for healthcare marketers to utilize.

1)    Medical Marketing & Media

MM&M serves as the hub for all the latest news, articles and press releases happening right now in the healthcare space. With everything from pharmaceutical and clinical updates to digital and mobile consumer insight, this is the perfect source for all healthcare marketers. In addition to the website, MM&M has a monthly print magazine discussing the trending issues in healthcare to date. You can’t go wrong on this site as their variety of information is guaranteed to serve what you are looking for.

2)    Social Media Today

With the number of regulations on healthcare brands on social media today, it is important to be clued in on the most recent trends, updates and technology for all social media platforms. Social Media Today is an endless source of social media everything! From the networks themselves to marketing and technology, you will be a social media guru after spending countless hours on this site. Articles like “Social Marketing Tips To Survive The Ever-Changing Facebook Algorithm” and “Are You Making These LinkedIn Social Selling Mistakes?” will help you begin to master the ever-confusing world of social and bring you ahead of your competitors.

3)    Google Trends

Google Trends is a great resource to see what the people are searching for and identifying those breakout topics before they become mainstream. As healthcare marketers we want to make the news, not just report and reiterate it. Being ahead of the game is important in a field where you can easily be one step behind. By using Google Trends you will be able to keep your brand’s social media, blogs and other media outlets relevant and up with the “trends”.

4)    Hemingway

The Hemingway Editor is a tool marketers can use to evaluate their copywriting to make sure it is clear, concise and effective. In marketing good writing is good editing. Your copy is what is going to represent the message of your brand. In healthcare marketing, the image and voice behind your brand is vital. This copy editor will highlight common errors, catch wordy sentences, adverbs, passive voices and dull, complicated words. It basically is your very own proofreader at the tip of your fingers.

5)    SiteAlerts
SiteAlerts is an excellent tool to use when trying to keep ahead of your competitors. As marketers, we all know that it is important to be in the know on what tactics your competitors in the field are utilizing. This site allows you to conduct mini audits of your competitors’ websites answering all the vital questions, i.e. How much site traffic do they get? Where does it come from? What tools are they using? What keywords do they rank for? Providing instant insights on your competitors, it is the ultimate competitor tracking tool.

In exploring the five resources listed above, we guarantee you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors and will remain “in the know” regarding all things healthcare marketing. If you have additional healthcare marketing tools/websites you use on a regular basis, share them with us in the comments section below!