Technology and Today’s Healthcare

The only way to meet face-to-face with our healthcare providers is by getting dressed, hopping in the car, and driving 15 minutes to their office, right? Wrong. In 2016, all it takes is the gentle press of a touchscreen to speak with a physician. Gone are the days of having to roll out of bed(…)

Lanmark360 Recognizes Employee Achievements and Milestones at Annual Winter Wonderland Extravaganza

At Lanmark360, the sentiment runs deep that in order for any company to fire on all cylinders, every employee should possess certain core values and principles to drive optimal work performance while keeping morale high. Each year, at our annual holiday party, we vote to decide which team member best embodies the attributes, and attitudes(…)

Digital Marketing Strategy in a Mobile World

Mobile marketing has been on the rise since the success of the original iPhone back in 2007. Fast forward nine years, and do you know anyone without a smartphone in their pocket? For the healthcare marketing professional in 2016, focusing on mobile isn’t just an important consideration; it’s essential for an effective digital campaign. If(…)

Lanmark360 Awarded as One of MM&M’s Top 100 Agencies Three Years in a Row

For the third year in a row, Lanmark360 has been named one of Medical Marketing & Media’s Top 100 agencies! Every member of the Lanmark360 team is very proud to be recognized for their efforts in healthcare marketing. How did we get where we are? We believe every interaction matters, that’s why we create marketing(…)

How Chronically-Ill Patients Engage with Pharma Brands

In the U.S., there’s a large group of people living with chronic illness – with that population growing every day – and they’re using the internet to learn more about their disease and treatment options to improve their own health. These millions of “empowered patients” are active on social-media, routinely scouring health databases, reading and(…)

Socially Awkward? Five Quick Tips for Content Exposure Via Social Media Platforms

As a marketer, one of the most common questions I receive from clients and industry thought leaders is: Mike, people are just not reading or sharing my content on social media…what can I do? Here are five quick tips that may answer the question posed above. 1) Is Your Content Relevant? What is important to(…)

The Power of a Phone Call

Medical marketing has undergone lightning fast changes in the modern era. From automated emails to targeted ads on websites and the social media revolution, one wonders if there is any purpose left in directly calling a potential healthcare lead via the phone. Surely, they’ve been inundated with advertisements already. Why would a call be any(…)

What’s the True Definition of Patient-Centricity?

In a MicroMass research paper entitled “Can Pharma Stay Relevant?” the idea of patient-centricity is given a lot of thought. The paper says that “defining patient centric is like trying to hit a moving target. With myriad and conflicting definitions of what it means, nobody can deliver on it.” However, knowing the “how” behind FAQs(…)

Print Is Not Dead

We’ve all heard people say “print is dead.” Just a few days ago, while I was watching one of The Onion’s videos, a pop-up appeared reading “Subscribe to The Onion’s YouTube channel today and hasten the demise of print media.” I chuckled, but this is no laughing matter. In our increasingly online world, many people(…)

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